LOCUS CONTROL proudly presents its’ second album‘LIGGUR’

 A superb sythesis of Metal, Stoner, Post and Progrock.

Locus Control (Bruges, °2006) delivers instrumental firework, driven on rhythms, dynamics, adventurous melodies and tight guitarriffery.

When thinking about instrumental bands, most likely people will associate with guitarshredders squeezing out of their strings a zillion notes per song. Locus Control puts the emphasis on the ‘Power of the Riff’ and combines with melody and dynamics, meticulously crafting attention drawing songs. Bands like Tool, Metallica, Rush, Opeth, Alice In Chains… have routed themselves in this band’s DNA. Influences are drawn from three decades of rockmusic history with seeds grown out of all sorts of metal and progrock and snippets of stoner/postrock.

“…Usually it is quite a job to record a full instrumental album that hold the listener’s attention from start to finish, LC succeeds in doing so seemingly effordlessly. It is partially grace to the superb playing level and the offered variety…Irresistible instrumental violence” (Aardschok, Attavita review 2013)

After releasing mini-cd ‘287’ in 2010, the band raises the bar in 2013 when their first full length CD ‘Attavita’ sees the light of day. Back in 2010 the mini was well received given the fine reviews and live show reactions. On Attavita Locus Control enjoyed the freedom of getting away from the standard verse-chorus structure going whatever way they felt they needed to go. Songwriting the band stepped up and experimented with ‘spoken word’ passages. The disc was a huge leap forward in terms of production. Recorded @ the Barefoot Studios, the endresult was a powerful yet clear final mix that perfectly matched every drumroll, bassline and guitarlick. Attavita received 13 blazing, national as well as international, reviews and was featured twice in ‘De Zwaarste Show’, a metal show aired on Belgium national radio station Studio Brussel. The live shows went very well and the band was hailed for it’s tight playing. Locus Control proves that instrumental live music is not synonymous for dull and boring holding the crowds’ attention live and on disc. When playing on big stages in the likes of the 4AD or De Leest, visual projections make the live experience complete, however in small clubs/pubs, the band rocks even hard if not harder.

“…the musicianship level is extremely high. It almost seems as this is a convincing tribute to Metallica’s ‘Orion’. Add to that the excellent production and you get a disc that stands out from start to finish.” (Rocktribune, Attavita recensie, 2013)

“…Locus Control display total domination of their songs at all times, helped by excellent production, making for a joyful listen. Flashes of Tomahawk and Tool are evident in the boys from Belgium’s sound, which fits between heavy, surreal and catchy, while retaining complete cohesion. A wonderful first album (Powerplay mag UK, recensie ‘Attavita’ 2013)

‘Never change a winning team’ and so the band connects again with Arjan Bogaert @ Barefoot Studios to record the follow-up to the highly acclaimed record ‘Attavita’. At the end of 2015, drums for new record ‘LIGGUR’ were recorded as the drummer revealed his plan about quiting the band. The main goal for this new full length was to make it sound as a solid and heavy guitar album and further explore the sonic possibilities writing attractive guitar- and basslines. By the summer of 2016, all recordings are done and the band is extremely excited with the outcome! ‘LIGGUR’ sounds rock solid, superb songs combine heavy riffing with atmospheric passages and add to that two (solo) breathers on the disc. The music on this disc sounds more than ever as a soundtrack for a yet to be made movie. Check out the video for ‘Capricorn One’ on the facebook page, website or youtube. In the meantime the band is complete again, finding in Kevin a great guy behind the drums, and is eager to promote this record live!


  • Stefaan Bonte (bass)
  • Babak Mohammad (guitar)
  • Koen Biesbrouck (guitar)
  • Kevin Werbrouck (drums)